22 February 2012

Damn Girl Scout Cookies

Honestly, I wish the girl scouts would raise the price of their cookies to $20 a box.
Perhaps that would be enough of a deterent to not buy them.

In making my purchase I told K that I just want to help the GS, but in reality, my brain wants those damn thin mints..

He told me if you want to help just make the donation and tell the girls to treat themselves.. yeah right.. I want the damn cookies for myself.
So, I try to find a bright side to this "Challenge"  (btw, challenge is a good code word for problem).  The bright side is that I only ate 3 cookies.. vs. in the old day the whole damn sleve of cookies would have been gone in one sitting.. so I guess that is progress right.

However, even with eating 3 cookies, I wonder why they went down so easy... it makes me wonder if I need a fill... I wrestle with this thought every now and then.. up to the point where I get stuck.. (I still have my flash backs when I ate those mussels and thought I was going to die).  It took me almost a whole week to get back to a normal feeling..

My weight is also stuck..its frustrating. I think I am not active enough.. I sit too much.. thats probably what is throwing me off..  I have all of this great knowledge... yet I am not motivating myself to make better food choices and move my butt./ go figure.. can I blame it on not getting enough sun light.. and think that I have some kind of seasonal disorder that affects my weight.

PLEASE .. someone tell me that such a condition exists....


  1. Well, I can tell you that cookies are no problem for me whatsoever with the band. They slide right through. Cake? That's another story. And there is something called SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder - also known as Winter Depression. Not enough Vitamin D. In Alaska, some people where solar visors in the winter to perk up their mood. So no worries...it actually DOES exist. :)

  2. I have 75 boxes of girl scout cookies left in my living room out of an original 1500. We have one last sale tomorrow and hopefully they will be all gone.

    That will just leave the case of thin mints that I stashed for "personal" use. I figured that 1 case was 12 boxes, so that is a box of thin mints a month for a whole year. I wonder how long they will actually last?

  3. I have no issues with cookies going down even at my tightest. It's a conspiracy! :)