20 February 2012

I Stripped this Weekend...

Ok,  get your mind out of the gutter....

It was more like stripping wallpaper.

Yes, K and I had the ultimate relationship challenge.. stripping 14 year old wall paper off of the dining room walls.

I got an estimate to strip and paint the room, that came in around $1K... WHAT??
So, we thought that would be a great relationship challenge... um.. yeah..

So, it was all 'WE CAN DO THIS".. up to about the first 2 feet of the wall.. and then.. the steamer was not really doing what we thought it should be doing..and well, the discussion of who had a better idea on how to approach this project proceeded...

Hmmm.. yes, nothing like a home improvement project to get those thoughts out on the table..

I am happy to say, that things did proceed.. and we were able to get half of the room done.. who knew 14 year old wallpaper (which my husband so lovingly put up with perfection) was going to be such a project to take down.

So tomorrow I go off to work, and K is going to stay home and finish the project..

See.. not so bad!!


  1. Sounds like things are going well ... happy for you ! Hope the stripping got finished so you two could have fun with other activities (get your mind out of the gutter-- I meant cooking dinner and watching a movie on the couch.)

  2. I've stripped off a ton of wall paper in my life.....it has to do with a lot of water or steam...and a big putty knife...it's messy ...but works! XO

  3. Sounds like a big step.... I am glad you didn't end up at each other's throats... Home Improvement brings the worst fights for me and George, where I end up yelling about how bad his mom's taste is and feeling guilty for a week.... LOL

  4. When I bought this house, there was godawful wallpaper everywhere! I'm talking EVERYWHERE! Like closet doors...I'm amazed it wasn't on the ceiling! I'm a pro stripper (like this would be news to anyone, har har). There's nothing that works like chemical stripper.

    K sounds like a hero!

  5. I helped renovate an old house once. It was a rental for the longes time and when we started removing the wallpaper, it was a layer of paper, then another payer that had been painted over, and ANOTHER painted over payer. There wound up being 4 layers of that crap. WORST. JOB. EVER. I'm glad you and K were able to get it done!