15 February 2012

On the road again..

Yes, I am on the road again for work.
I guess they think the single girl doesn't need a life and is available to travel at the drop of a dime.
And better yet, let's just send her on her way over Valentine's day..

And so off to Nevada I go.. for 5 days.
Thinking I would be forgotten, with no X's and O's on the horizon.

But lo and behold, after a very long day on Tuesday (keep in mind my day starts at 5:30 am PST and ends around 9:00 PST), I walked into my hotel room to find a single red rose and box of chocolate truffels.

"what is this", I thought.  The hotel staff was too sweet to think about us travelers who are alone and away from home.

And then, I noticed their was a card with the flowers.  And yes, you guess it.. I wasn't forgotten at all.. Dear Sweet K remembered me!!..

Now that puts a smile on a girls face!

So I am hoping to make it home on Friday.. we got lots of snow here (and I am definitely NOT a fan of the S word)..

Hoping that everyone is doing well.. and I promise to post about some of my fickeled eating challenges .. from I can eat a horse to ... wow, can I get this water down.. a shift in eating over a 24 hours that is driving me nuts!!!


  1. Happy belated Valentine's Day!

  2. What a nice surprise at the end of the day! Fingers crossed that you get outta there on Friday!

  3. So glad you had a valentine wait for you. I'm the flying doesn't help your band. I totally get the crazy restriction, it's driving me crazy.


  5. So sweet for K to send you some love on your Business trip... That's wonderful.

  6. What a thoughtful guy! Take good care of yourself!!


  7. What a sweet man!!! Sorry you are stuck dealing with snow and travel, but be safe and try to enjoy yourself a little bit!