13 March 2012

What is the REAL Issue here....

We all have issues in life.
We all deal with issues in a different way.

Like many, I was obese, fat, whatever is the correct word   because I dealt with my issues using food.

I laugh now, because at what I thought were issues back then were actually blessings.
I only wish I had those issues back again, that they were the only thing bothering me.

I now have a whole new bucket of issues to deal with.

I am a fairly confident person, but I do tend to feel lost at times.
I now feel that life has cheated me, and I want to cheat life.

I am doing some real non-traditional things for a 50+ YO.
I am certainly taking many more risks than I would ever have thought to do before in my life.

This is my issue right now.

Quite frankly, I don't know where I want to be in life right now.
Just when I think I am happy, I reflect, and feel that I will never be where I was in life.

Does it make me want to eat to deal with those feelings.
not really...

It does make me realize that the things I worried about (prior to my husband's illness) were not important in the scheme of things.

It was alot of wasted energy...

Right now I feel like I want to race down the highway of life and get to my final destination without worry, without regrets, without second guessing.

Its a strange place to be.. but instead of proceeding cautiously I am going full speed ahead.

Be well..


  1. Change is good........


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  3. I like that...."full speed ahead".