14 March 2012

In Love with...

my new BIKE!!

Ok, I don't want to be obnoxious about it.. but it is SOO much F  U  N!!!
K is picking me up in a few minutes (going to sneak out of the office and soak up the SUN).. and we are going for a ride to the park. 

Already we are talking about longer trips.. but I really need to get into better shape before we tackle that.
I never realized that you would need to condition yourself for longer trips, but you do.

I also realize now why people wear leather when riding.. the ground is HARD!!

I just bought this coat
So, yeah.. I guess I am turning into a BIKER CHICK!! So.. until next time..


  1. You go girl.....safe travels to you!


  2. How cute is that! You would think riding the bike would count as exercise...wind resistance and all of that! Enjoy the sunshine!

  3. Hey there!! I haven't been checking this blog, I thought you weren't on this one anymore.
    Now I need to catch back up.
    Hope you're well...

  4. You know what you needed? A new activity to shop for! I love that jacket so much I may go buy a pink Harley! Love ya, Barbie!!

  5. I didn't realize you had gone back to this blog!!! It wasn't showing up in my Reader. Now I can see you've been a busy little girl. Love the bike, you motorcycle mama. This is what I mean with starting a me blog. I needed to talk about my life because it isn't about the weight anymore. Love you right back. Now to read the last two months of posts.