10 April 2012

Message From the Makers of Realize Band

I got an email today from the manufacturers of the Realize band.
One of their selling points was the online support system.
That looks like it is about to end from the message below.
One point of interest in the article below is a listing of on line weight loss tools.
Many look familiar but may be new to some of you..

Just passing this info on.... be well

Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc (EES) developed REALIZE mySUCCESS to support you in your post-bariatric surgery journey. Since the launch of REALIZE mySUCCESS, the number of alternate high-tech online weight loss resources has rapidly expanded. We asked - and you’ve told us - that these other sites offer the interactivity and content that best suits your needs.
After careful consideration, EES has decided to discontinue REALIZE mySUCCESS.
We know you may want to access the data you compiled within REALIZE mySUCCESS, so we’ve created a document with instructions to help you print out the information you’ve logged on our site. Click here to access the document. The last date you will be able to access REALIZE mySUCCESS is May 30, 2012.
We want to reinforce that your surgeon’s practice is and should remain your key contact for post-surgical support. We’ve also put together a list of weight-loss management resources from third-party sources, which we compiled based on your feedback. You can check out the programs and see what works for you* - many are free and provide similar journaling and tracking options as those available through REALIZE mySUCCESS, as well as additional features such as social networking and food lists.
* These links will take you to a website to which REALIZE mySUCCESS site's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use do not apply. You are solely responsible for your interaction with that website.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at:
Phone: 1-866 REALIZE (1-866-732-5493)
Hours: Monday - Friday; 7:30AM - 6:30PM (Eastern Time)
Best Wishes,


  1. I received that email too. I use Fitness Pal and love that as a tool.

  2. yeah.I got it too. Really pissed me off. I called and voiced my displeasure. I also suggested they check out the obesity help board. It is full of band bashers. Really negative and vile haters. They could scare the shit out of a newbie.

  3. Just saw your photo from your earlier post. Yikes is right. Hope you are feeling better soon. We're leaving Punta Cana in a few minutes. Will miss the sun and fun--and all the booze. The wedding was really nice. We even had fire dancers after the dinner.

    My niece did the "trash the dress" routine to have photos in the ocean and pool the day after. They were a bit hung over but it is cute to see a bride in their dress soaking wet.

    Talk soo. Hope you get back on your feet soon. Say hi to K.