02 April 2012

Trying something a little different

First, thank you so very much for your very kind and encouraging words...I still have my moments and I guess I always will.. it just reminds me how fragile life is... and that you really truly need to live in the moment..

So... on to my new rant...

I know a few of you have hit that 2 year mark and it seems that weight loss has slowed down a bit.

I am right there with you.

So I am trying something a bit different.

I found this website called beyond diet.

It is a paid program (so I don't want you to think its free), but it is based on your metabolism type (I am very carb oriented and also on the glycemic index which I know many are already familiar with since we have all been on many diets.

I am giving it a whirl, there is a quick start food plan, its not based on calorie deprivation, its actually quite a healthy way of eating...I am not sure I can get all of the food choices in, but my hope is that is will give me a bit more discipline in my eating.

The biggest no no is sugar.. and we all already know this, but sugar really plays havoc on your insulin levels which of course drive cravings.

There is some really good info on the website and I like so many of you are ready to get a bit of a jump start going.

I have my TT scheduled and I would really like to drop as much weight before I have this done.

I have also upped my exercise doing 2 miles on the treadmill and 1 mile on the elliptical and then K brought over his bowflex.. plus I am going to the gym still working out with my PT.

I would really like to hit goal this year... no let me take that back I WILL HIT GOAL THIS YEAR..

there.. that felt good..

Thursday is my revision surgery (yeah Steph has been my reassurance that it will be fine).. I still cant get over the fact that I am going to be awake during this surgery.. (both eyes and neck)..  Good Lord I hope I don't have a heart attack on the table.. I am also going to have some restlyne to plump up my cheeks.. yeah I love PS.. I am fighting this whole getting old thing... and I am not afraid to say it out loud.

So there you have it, new diet, new me... bring it on baby!!!

Love you all


  1. I will be thinking of you thursday... I am sure you'll be fine but the idea of you being awake also freaks me out. See you Soon, XOXO *M*

  2. You will be fine...My doctor and i were talking the entire time. Just remember, if you feel anything, TELL THEM and they will pump more novicane in you. I had to do it and once you are numb, you will be fine. I go in on Thursday for my laser resurfacing scar removal. fun, fun! Big hugs...

  3. You're in my thoughts and prayers.....You'll be FINE!!