09 May 2012

My MEOW Scan

Ok, so I had my CAT (meow) scan this morning.

So, I get there and figure this is so routine for these techs..
um.. well, no..after the 20 questions about "now, why are you having this done" and not fully understanding the concept of the band  they call the radiologist.. (really?) .  Then the tech goes on to tell me I dont look like I need a tummy tuck..
well thank you for the compliment but obviously you dont see what is shoved tightly in my jeans..  Then she goes on to tell me she would like to get a boob lift, but if she did,  the girls would be hoisted up and then she would definitely need a tummy tuck..
I am thinking to myself.. is this conversation really happening???  aren't you supposed to be discret with these procedures??

So after a bit she asks me how much the TT is going to cost me.. I told her but thought .. let's get on with this thing...

So, on to the CT scan procedure.. she asks me if I am under chemo therapy or do I have multiple myeloma..

Ok.. do you think i would be having a TT if I was being treated for cancer!!!

But Ugh.. the thought of her even mentioning the MM.. that is what Mark had.. and that made me feel very sad to revisit the many scans he went through.. but I only sat in the waiting room, I wasn't with him.

Now, I am not complaining, because as I said,  my husband had one thousand of these.. but how weird was this feeling.. they inject the iodine and you get a warm sensation that starts at your head and flows through your body and then you feel like you have to pee your pants!!!.. Yikes.. I was heading straight into work after this..

They took three scans total, and I hope they got to see what they needed to.. cause I really don't want to go through the interogation again..

Next stop pre-op blood work and EKG!!!

Be well


  1. Just perused your blogs for the last umpteenth months and wanted to say you look amazing. I say that with a chuckle, though, because you have always looked amazing! Such a beautiful lady!

    I hope the doc got what he needed from the scans and that all pre-op workups are fine!

    Isn't that iodine injection weird?

  2. That sounds invasive... but I am happy you got through it.