08 May 2012

A case of the nerves....

Hi ALL!!

It's hard to believe that its MAY.. and you know what that means, graduations, parties, bridal showers..
I have been trying to get my house in order to.. we have alot of gardens and this year I had to hire people in to do the flower beds, power wash and do the deck.  With the pace of my job, I just can't handle it. 

The other BIG thing going on with me is that in exactly 17 days I will have my TT.
OK, I am going to be down right honest here.. I am NERVOUS.. I mean I am not adverse to having surgery (good lord knows that I have had one or 10!!) but this just has me a tad nervous.

Tomorrow I go for my CT scan of my band... the surgeon wants to know exactly where things are.. and I have a bit of a unique case in that my band is on my left side but my port is on my right side.. so there is a bit of tubing that runs across my abdomen.. this was mainly because my band surgeon used my gall bladder scar (I had that done around 20 years ago before it was a laproscopic thing).. The good news is that with my TT, he maybe able to get rid of that scar. 

I have to still do all of my pre-op stuff (blood work, ECG and what have you) ... I am staying over night at the hospital.. I think its the best thing for me... K is taking me to and from, the last thing I want to subject him to is nursing me back ...  My biggest challenge now is to stay healthy until surgery day.   I keep wondering what this is all going to look like when I am healed.  It has to look better than it does now.

So, the other big news is tomorrow I am scheduled to get my hair done.. with extensions.. the sad news is that they are not going to be able to put long ones in.. my hair is just too short, so they are going to put them on the sides so I have more of a bob style.  So here is my before picture (and also post last surgery) if you recall my last procedure (neck, etc.)..

Well, that's about it.. I am following all of your blogs.. and I hope that you all have a great day and rest of the week.



  1. hey there - I'm recovering from a full lower body lift including TT and breast lift. No lie...its challenging. I'm 7 days PO and its tiring. Final results seems so far away right now.

    Just get everything all set up & prepared before you leave for the hospital. You won't feel like doing anything when you get back. Also, leave everything you may need out on a counter or table...you won't be able to reach up in the cabinets for awhile.

    Good luck!!!

  2. Have you spoken with your surgeon on if you CAN have ententions in your hair when you have surgery. I've read places where they had to have their extentions removed prior to surgery. I would think that shorter hair would be easier to deal with post TT. Good luck to you and keep us updated!

  3. How exciting...a TT! :) You'll do great!

  4. So are u sure. Fully 100 % behind you though. Will write soon when I get on a computer and not my iPad. Love ya.

  5. PS -you look amazing even though you aren't smiling!