30 April 2012

Update..and Sending Out Hugs


I hate when I am away from reading all of your blogs.. I need to definitely get in catch up mode!!

So much is going on in my life right now.
Work is INSANE!!!
I just got back from meeting in Miami, sounds lovely doesn't it... but I worked my a## off.

I have been traveling so much lately.
I am starting to have serious thoughts about whether or not I can or should stay in my house.
It is way too much for me to maintain and it almost seems silly for me to live here alone.
The house is meant for a large active family.
But I have so many memories.. and it feels like my home.

I know that decision day will be coming sometime ... soon.

I think I have mentioned to you all about all of the crazy changes I have made in my life.
Well I am continuing that trend.. I have my TT on May 25th and the week before I am going to do something even crazier (if you can believe it). 

Ok, now lets review:
Lap Band: Check
Neck lift :  Check
New boobs:  Check
New Harley: Check
Tummy Tuck; Scheduled
Hair Extension: My next crazy thing in the works.

I have no idea what sparks me to do these things...I just dont seem to be able to reach a point where I am happy with myself the way I am.. it kind of stinks... and I guess we are all our own worst critic.

So, thats what I have in store for May, losing some tummy and gaining some locks..

Be well.


  1. You do seem so busy lately... maybe we can double date to a Phillies game or something. I would love the chance to get to see you.

  2. ...or triple date when I come to visit Maria this July!! Love ya Barb-xoxo

  3. Love it! Can't wait to see how it looks!

  4. I keep picturing you with locks.....FUN!