15 April 2012

Getting there

I am finally starting to see the results of my procedure. Truth be told by last Wednesday or Thursday I was starting to freak a bit and regret my decision. But the swelling is going down and all but two bruises have resorbed. Unfortunately the two that remain are still fairly visible I have been using a pan cake le make up but after too many layers I look like a corpse so I have been removing and reapplying. On tip the nurse gave me is to constantly massage the scar area to break down the scar tissue and that seems to be working. I have also been using the mederma scar cream. I leave for Miami next Saturday s o I know this is cutting it close. K and I are going to one of he Florida keys for three days and then back to Miami for work for me. I then get ready for the tummy tuck. Honestly after that I am done with ps. I have a very good and realistic doctor who fully informs me on what is reasonable and not to do. He is absolutely against any lip injections. He said he just doesn't do them. On the news side K and I went on a really great bike ride up the Delaware yesterday. I am getting much more comfortable riding on the back. We went to the Harley store and I got three new summer tops. We haven't taken a ride in the rain yet. So rain gear is next on my list. I continue to count my blessings even though I wish some of my family things were better. Have a great Sunday.


  1. I am glad you are enjoying the motorcycle. I love love the closeness I feel to Steve when we are riding and I am always thinking of my dad and broth-in-law while riding. We do not ride in the rain though due to the fact that the roads get too slick. Be careful if you do! We are on our way to Key West and Islemarada today! I'm so excited.

    I'm glad you are feeling better after your PS procedure!

  2. I am glad you are having fun... and healing well. Family issues? Are the girls still having trouble accepting K?

  3. Hey there-- how about some pictures then???? I love the sound of the bike riding.