15 May 2012


The adventures of me continues...

Yesterday was pre-op visit to the hospital where they give you the big run down of the do's and don'ts, can and can'ts, and Yes and No's prior to surgery.

No jewelery
No make-up
No valuables of any kind
No this and No that!!

Alright I get it..

And most importantly NO TIGHT UNDERWEAR or Clothes.

I was advised to wear  loose fitting garments and the largest underwear I own. (DAMN why did I throw my granny panties away).

And of course comes the obligatory and you know you won't be able to have SEX for weeks..
Um.. OK.. do I look sex starved!!!
I responded ... NO PROBLEM!!!!

I really wanted to ask the old bitty who was giving me the run down .. "Does that mean ALL kinds of  "No Sex" or just "Certain Kinds of No Sex".... but I didnt want her to go into cardiac arrest..

In the mean time... I find myself glancing at the calendar knowing that it is T minus 11 days...
And convince myself.. it's all going to be good..

Be well...


  1. When is your surgery next week I assume? Mine is too May 23rd. I'm on all liquids this week ... itsTuesday and this bitch knows I'm in for a long week.

    No SEX BEFORE? I have not been told that...but if I do I'm definently going to ask what kind? That is so funny..i'll keep you posted.


  2. I am so excited for you!

  3. Well there is the Bill Clinton version of what is sex and what is not sex...LOL

    Good luck to you, hon!!!

  4. I'm excited for you also!


  5. You'll do GREAT! So exciting! :)

  6. Just follow those instructions to the letter, think very positive thoughts and I know you will do great.
    One day, I want to meet you in person so that I can see all of your fabu-ness!!
    Don't forget to fill those pain meds rx's and take them!!!