21 May 2012

What Can I Say??

OK..so it's not over..

But I have to tell you... after my brief hiatus and limited dating of others.. it does come down to what feels right.

It feels very weird to go out on a date with a guy in his 40's.
And even weirder when some one offers to buy you a drink and you look at them and think..
"hmm I have shoes that are older than you!"

I did not take the path of least resistance in going back, but more of the realization that this relationship is different than the one I had for 32 years.   Not all relationships are the same, how is that for an incredibly thought provoking statement!!

But that is not to say that there aren't some very wonderful things about this relationship, because there are.. and my eyes have been open to that point.

We just had an incredible 3 day weekend from a Phillies baseball game, to drinks and tapas at a beautiful garden restaurant to morning coffee on the deck, to a ride on the Harley to a great dinner wine and dancing on the deck, to a trip to the casino.. and even to the Coach outlet store!!.

It was all good, we laughed and danced and had moment where we said nothing but listen to the bullfrogs down by the pond..

Maybe there are bumps in the road.. I just need to learn how to navigate them.

Have a great week... think about me .. 4 days till TT and I get heart palpitations every time I think about it!!!

Oh... and one more thing!!!  I just read THIS blog post.. on the 15 things that will make you happy and think its just about the best advice out there....
Be well


  1. Follow your heart Barb. Sometimes our minds and our family cause us to overthink what is good. Enjoy what is good. Be happy. I love you tons!

    I will send up prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

  2. Whatever makes you happy - makes me happy. Enjoy all the good and take the bad as it may come. No one person or one relationship is the same or perfect, but you know that. Try NOT to think of the TT, you're going to sail through it. I just know it. Love you!

  3. Good luck with your surgery... Id there anything I can do to help out?

  4. I agree withl Dawnya. Sometimes we have to stop thinking and just do. You taught me that.

  5. I'm happy if you are happy Chica! I'm also so excited for you to have your TT and can't wait for deets!!!! It looks like I'm going in September for mine. I'll find out at my June 30 Appt. with PS. Love you....