23 May 2012


You know what... my old habits have not died.. I just can't cram as much junk food down my throat as I used to...

I have gained 5 lbs!!!.. and I know exactly why.. I am eating chocolate, ice cream, cheese, crab dip.. all stuff that I have stayed away from for quite some time.

And the reason is that I am crapping my pants and nervous about this surgery.. so what do I do..

I EAT!!!!

I feel disappointed in myself.. I know we all go through stuff like this.. but I really thought maybe, just perhaps, I had the food demons beat.. but no..

I am an emotional eater.. that's it.. there are no other ways to explain this.

I have this huge calendar in my office and I am about to take it down because I have 25th May circled ... and every time I look at it my head spins..

The only people that know about my TT are YOU, MY BAND FRIENDS and K... that's it.. no one in my family..

I have all the confidence in the world in my surgeon, it's just hospitals that make me nervous.
I have seen too much and have picked up on bad practices ... so I will not have a "ME" or otherwise known as a Pain in the Ass, to make sure things are addressed.  and poor K.. I have told him, that if I croak during surgery he has to tell my mom.. LOL.. um.. he said that alone was a reason for me to come out of this alive..LOL.. poor guy.

Oh well.. pass the chocolate!!


  1. Barbara! You need someone to take care of you. Who's going to do that?

  2. ARe you more nervous this time around Barb? You are starting to scare me! I wish I lived near you so that we could go through this together. Don't make K tell your mother....thats all I'm gonna say about that! Pass me a chocolate please.

  3. Good luck with your surgery! I would be a nervous wreck too!

  4. I was wondering the same as Tessie...who's helping you with recovery?!?!

  5. Well I spent many years in hospitals (albeit not as a patient). But they trusted me to do my job so remember that. You will be fine. And you MUST (I repeat MUST) give K my email so he will send me a message that you are awake (and well medicated!) after surgery. Yup. He has to tell me you are ok.

    And you will join Joey in recuperating. She went under Tuesday morning. And you are Friday. What a way to spend a long weekend. Love and hugs that you will feel our thoughts and breeze through.

  6. I hope you breeze through, and that you are well looked after!! Xo