03 June 2012

Breaking the Rules*******Update

*Update since earlier post

Wellthe stars did not align.. it poured and poured and poured...so no ride .. and after reading Dr. Tray's comment... I guess it was a good thing that the ride did not occur..
We did take a ride to New Hope (a little artsy fartsy town and few miles from home) ...so I did get out...
Next big exciting event.. is my doctor appt tomorrow.. I hope (so much) that this drain comes out...
and if that happens then I get the green light to take a shower.. People.. it will be 11 days tomorrow since I have been able to take a shower... (ah.. the little things in life.. a hot shower is one of them).
Be well

Yes I am nuts...

But I am also going a bit stir crazy hanging around the house with this compression garment strangling me and dealing with this  one dangling drain tube.
I need to get out and do SOMETHING.

K - OK lets go do something.. what do you want to do?

B- Um... go for a ride on the Harley!

K- Are you nuts!! NO.. pick something else

B- Go for a ride on the Harley

K- No
B- YES!!

K- Let's go for a car ride.

B- NO .. Let's go for a bike ride.

B- If I think its too much we can turn back.. I honestly think I can do this.

K- I am going to go feed the fish and move boxes around, come up with another idea....

B- FINE!  Then I will take it out myself (editors note, I have no idea how to start the bike, ride it or stop it).. but this little threat did not go un noticed because I have followed through on crazy things before.

K- Maybe we can wash the bike and then ride it around the block to dry..

B-  Maybe a block or 2!! update to follow...

End of Story..


  1. Well, I hope they stir-craziness passes and want to hear about the fantastic results of your tummy tuck!

  2. Love your blog long time. I'm a surgeon in real life. Are you crazy? Do not risk tearing open your wounds. You are strong and fearless but your wounds are not. . Please be careful. If you injure yourself, then it will take twice as long to heal and YOU WILL SCAR.
    Dr. Tray

  3. You are a little bike crazy :o)

    Now be sensible and make sure you heal properly before riding the bike. You don't want to hurt yourself after all the effort of having the surgery! Be safe.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling good. But do as you're told and heal quickly!

  5. gah! you are so nuts!! I love it :)
    I'm visiting my pal Maria in Philly in July- are you going to be available for a mini boobs get together with us?? can't wait to see you again!