15 June 2012

Friday's Letters BAND WAGON....

I saw this over on Draz's website and thought it was a great idea.. of course I have my own twist on the letters I want to write today....

Dear IT (Information Technology):  thank you for screwing up the email migration and making my life miserable.. how can I ever repay you.. (NOT).

Dear Nutso Neighbor NextDoor:   Do you ever step outside of your mulch bed.. you win.. I have way more weeds than you..

Dear Ben and Jerry: Thank you for making the flavor Cherry Garcia in frozen yogurt now, so when I eat the entire container I only feel half guilty.

Dear Weatherman:  How do you manage to keep your job, you are never right, yet every day you go on and say the wrong forecast.

Dear PowerBall Number Picker:  Why do you never pick my numbers?

 Dear Baby Toe on my Left Foot: Thank you for getting better so I can now wear my new sandals

Dear Grey Goose:  Just .. thank you..