16 June 2012

Not Good to my Band...

Did you ever just wake up in the morning and say " ah the hell with it today I am eating what I want to eat!".. well that is how my day started and I have been paying for it for the last 7 hours.

I made my standard cup of coffee, browsed in the fridge and pantry and eyed a bag of open salt and vinegar potato chips.. YES!  that's what I will eat for breakfast.. screw Special K or protein drinks, I am going to eat those chips!!!

YEah,  you are in control Barbara.. yes.. you will decide what goes down into your stomach..

**** Please excuse this interuption of enjoyment while your band fires back*******

Coming up... 6 salt and vinegar chips... courtsey of your band!!

Alright band, you won this round......

So off to THE ACME (if you are from Philly you will chuckle at that) what shall I buy to eat today...

Some blackberries, some blue berries, nice chile.. YES there it is ... in the ready serve food prep area.. Gen TSO's chicken.. nice spicy breaded chicken nuggets.. Yes, thats what I want as I scoop several pieces into a container.. ah.. what the hell I am going to take one out and pop it into my mouth to energize me as I continue to shop...

yummm it takes soooo good.. its been sooo long since I had this,  I want another.. so I sneak down the mexican food aisle and pop open the container and as stealth as can be there goes another nugget into my mouth.. only this time as I chew and swallow, i forget that I really need to chew and then it begins....

Now you experienced bandster know exactly what I am experiencing... no visual needed..
But you newbies.. lets just say.. IT AINT PRETTY..

A visit to the very undecorative Acme bathroom, and then a rush through the checkout line..

And here I sit...the band didnt defeat me, I defeated me..   I am 2+ years into being banded.. do you think I would have figured this out by now..

THe rules are there for  reason.. ...

Be good to yourself and your band will get along with you just fine.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I've been there....LOL

  2. "No visual needed" - So true! I felt my chest tighten up just reading that!

  3. LOL the Acme. Love that! And I am SO with you! Forgetting to chew is a big problem, especially when it comes to things like General T......

  4. That breaded chinese chicken gets me every time! Ugh!

  5. That does not sound fun!

  6. Oh lordy! This is one thing I'm afraid of being a pre-bander. I'm not looking forward to getting stuck. I'm gonna try my damndest to follow the rules but even the best of us slip up now and then! Glad it didn't last too long! :)

  7. Oh, I know that feeling. Breaded Chinese is the worst!

  8. Hi... I'm having my surgery next Wednesday. But I'm curious to you and the others who have had the band for awhile... do you or anyone else have saggy skin from losing a lot of weight? Thanks, Amy