19 June 2012

Get Ready.. Here it Comes

On this last day of spring, the weather forecast for summer seems like it will be arriving in full force.

100 degree temps and high humidity.. lovely!!

I am really not complaining because I prefer heat to cold.. the only thing about the heat is that it comes from the sun (duh!).. and the sun is not necessarily your friend without lots of sunscreen, water and common sense.

So this post is a plea, and advisory, a warning.. to wear your sunscreen.. there is a significant uptick in skin cancers..
Back in the day SPF was an unknown, lord knows I remember slathering baby oil and frying on the beach.. today I freak out if I am sitting the sun for more than 20 minutes.

And while I am on my little rant here.. please wear your sunglasses, especially you blue eyed babes!!
Cataracts and light colored eyes.. there is a direct correlate.. as we age that protective layer erodes and your eye is exposed to uv rays...protect your eyes and your little ones as well.

Ok, that is enough of my public service announcement for today.. now go have fun this summer!!!


  1. Can you believe that today Rambo is doing SWAT team training in 100 degee heat? MEN HAVE NO BRAINS. UGH

  2. I love this post, you are so sweet to think of us. I was one who used aluminum foil along with the baby oil back in the day! LOL

    Hugs hope you are healing well!

  3. So so so true! I am kind of grateful for my see through skin - kind of made sunscreen a necessity rather than a "luxury". Now I don't go outside for more than 10 minutes without my trusty SPF 85.

  4. Great blog! And all too true! My mom slathered me with sunscreen from the get-go and there was a span as teenager where I revolted and refused to willingly pyt it on. But, even with the damage that I did as a teenager, the protection in the younger years mattered a lot! I am 36 and have not had any spots, to date. My parents, both, had multiple spots by 36. As did aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. The stuff works wonders!

    And nothing cuter than a baby in sunglasses! I should post a pic of the boys wearing theirs!

    Great post - thank you for thinking of us!!

  5. I'm such a stickler for sunglasses. I NEVER wore them until I was about 30. But my mom has macular degeneration and glaucoma...so I have really changed and I wear them every single day!