20 June 2012

What Makes You SMILE :)

I try to be a very optimistic person however; I do not like the concept of perception that Fat people tend to be Jolly and or Happy all the time and that I (the fat person) could put a smile on their face

I can remember when I was younger that I thought I needed to make sure the people I was around were happy and entertained.

I no longer think about those things, although I do like to make sure that people are comfortable in my company.

Now I focus on my own personal happiness and what makes me content and want to smile.

Last evening I sat on my deck and just look out at the beauty of my surroundings and SMILED.

It really didn't take much to have me react this way, and soon I will post more pictures so that you can see exactly why I smile.   You see, Mark had a tremendous talent for landscaping, and creating serenity.  Perhaps this picture says it all...

But it doesn't stop there... just reflecting on all of the things he created with his hands make me smile..

That is one of the reasons why I really do not want to leave my house, albeit, it is why too big for me and is allot to manage while I am working full time.  But its worth it.. I am surrounded by his memory and that makes me SMILE  :)

have a great day.. stay cool and smile at someone you see today... it's contagious..