22 June 2012


Here we go with MY Friday's Letters....

Dear Mother Nature... what the hell are you doing?  You put us through this stinking heat, which we all are putting up with... but then you go and schedule a dump load of rain to come on us tonight. Didn't I tell you I am having guests over for dinner and want to enjoy the evening on the deck!.. I went to Target and got all my little garden decorations and place mats and patio ware and now it's going to rain!!!

Dear Apple-   I really love my iPad but why the hell don't you incorporate flash technology?  I mean you lose so much of the experience of the Internet. (WHAAA!!).  Could you do that for me?

Dear HVAC Person at my Company-  why don't YOU sit in my office for a day and see how it feels to freeze your balls off!.  I get that its 100 degrees out, but I am forced to dress in multiple layers, I have a blanket on my lap, a sweater on top and a space heater just to keep from developing hypothermia.  Just because my office and the IT center are on the same ventilation trunk line you think it is more important to keep the servers cool than me comfortable. Thanks a bunch.

Dear Poison Ivy on My Property:  drop dead!!

Dear Spanx - I love how you hold me in.. but damn, when its hot those things do not breathe! Could you please re-engineer your entire product line to accommodate me?

Dear Progresso Soups and Costco - Why do you not sell Black Bean Soup in the Summer? Even though it may be considered a "winter" food, I still eat quite a bit of soup in the summer.  Could you please get your soup maker on the shtick and whip up a batch for me and send it to The Acme??

Dear Weekend - Thank you for coming so early today... I NEED TO HAVE SOME DOWN TIME!!!


  1. AMEN on the iPad!!!!

    have a great weekend!

  2. Well at least the rain will cool it off a little!

  3. Hey there-- it's Dinnerland (V)-- new blog for me:
    Come visit.