01 June 2012

Week 1 Recovery --- Check

It's hard to believe that last week at this time they were probably pushing me into the recovery room.

Although I did have two visits with the doctor while in the hospital.. to be honest, the morphine pain pump really does leave you in la la land (Draz you got that one right.. thank you baby!)

So I had my first chance to speak about the surgery, progress, expectations, and outcomes..on Tuesday.  At that point I had one of the two drains removed.  One runs across the top part of your abdomen and the other across the lower part. (just to fill you in they insert to long tubes located on each hip. the tubes have these plum size bulbs attached, you have to squeeze the bulb and create a vacuum and then empty them 3 or 4 time a day).. basically this is gross, but you have to do it so there is no point is negoitiating whether you want them or not.
Well, my drains have been very active and the doc decided to only remove one of them (the one on the upper part of my abdomen).

I was very curious to know how much blubber/fat he cut off... he said it was around 4 pounds.. doesn't sound like much but believe me to look down there and see a flat stomach, and realize that 4 pounds used to hang off .. it does make a difference.  Guess what.. no more muffin top..it's gone!!

the next thing I was curious about was how he navigated around my port because they cinch your stomach muscles ... he said it was a bit tricky but he did not need to move it. its lower and more on center now.. speaking of on center, I mentioned my new belly button.. love it!.. as soon as it heals up I will take some pictures.
Right now I still have one drain  and surgery pads are taped across my lower hip.  I still have to slather neosporin on it and will have to wear my compression garmet for a few more weeks.. I am swollen but you can definitely see the difference.

Now I hope that  I have not given you the impression that this was an easy thing to go through.. not true.. but it was MY choice.. so no regrets there.

 I have been on pain meds up until yesterday, and even then I held out until 4 pm.. as the extra strength tylenol was not cutting it for relief.. so I had to take a vicodin.  and that placed me in la la land.. now one of the downsides is that pain meds cause an intestinal traffic jam.. ducolax has become a  ritual.if you get what I am saying. 

And one of the worst parts of the recovery.. is that I have not been allowed to take a shower for one week and probably not until the second drain is removed..
Can I tell you how much that freaks me out.. i can not wait to stand in a shower and let the hot water drench me... sponge baths do not do the job...

And last but not least.. K has been an absolute angel.. I have two small yorkies.. with high energy and they require alot of attention, let alone all of the tasks around the house just to keep the house maintained, gardens cared for and fish fed.  He has been shutteling me back and forth to the doctor appts. He has been just an absolute doll about everything!

So as I start week 2 (and I have taken 2 weeks off), I am anxious to try on clothes, I have stuck with sun dresses mainly because of the swelling and drains, but I will need to resort to my work attire.

Big hugs to my band friends.. be well and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Bummer about still needing the second drain, but yay for the flat stomach and disappeared muffin top! I'm so glad you're sharing your experience- this will be me next summer and I'm sucking up every drop of info I can.

  2. Can't wait to see pics! I am definitely planning on a TT as soon as humanly possible...since my tummy has not budged. Glad to hear you're loving the results!

  3. Can't wait for photos!!! :)

  4. glad to hear recovery is going so well! everyday gets a little better. can you stand up straight yet?

  5. Sorry I've been a bad friend and didn't get an email off this week. Will try over the weekend. So glad you are getting along ok. I hear you about the shower. Nothing compares, although if you have a hand held shower, you could probably get the lower stuff rinsed. LOL.

  6. I'm so glad things are getting better so quickly! I keep telling people that I only went back to work so I could start saving for my TT! Keep feeling better, angel!

  7. Sounds like you're doing pretty good. I hope you feel better with each day. :)

  8. I am so happy that you are enjoying your progress so far and that you are enduring your recovery so far. I hope you will be ready for visitors soon. *M*