19 July 2012

Alligators Snapping at my A$$$$$

ugh... it's only THURSDAY!!!
I want it to be 5:00 Friday so baaaaaddddddddddddd!!!

This has truly been hell week at work with 12-15 hour work days.
Who ever invented the computer or the Blackberry or iPhone you have made our lives nonstop!!

It is crazy that we have become or at least allowed ourselves to become so accessible.
Even though it goes against my inclinations, if I decide to turn off these devices, its only hell to pay when you turn them back on.... I average around 3 to 4 hundred emails a day at work.. yes you read that right!!..  I basically can not unplug.. and it drives me nuts some days.

So my survival kit this week has been my continuation to learn and use the new WW app (yes I know I am a broken record here), but guess what .. I have lost 3 pounds already.. albeit it is probably water weight.. but the damn scale went down!!!

I have 24 points to use with an additional 49 to spread out during the week. It really makes me think about what I am sticking in my mouth.

The progresso light soups are only 1 or 2 points.  I have a muscle milk drink that's 4 and a small cabot cheese slice that's 3 points, special K chips (southwestern flavor) that are 3.. chobani yogurt that is 3 and all the bing cherries I want because they are 0 points!!! I am having a nice salad (garden tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce), steamed veggie and grilled shrimp or chicken.. believe me .. it goes a long way..

I am a grazer by nature, so every few hours I need to munch on something.. I always will be one.. that has not changed since I got the band. 
The absolute hardest part is no afternoon M&M's.. I have decided to save those points for a vodka and cranberry drink (4 points!!) or a glass of wine 4-5 points. 

And if you exercise, you get additional points.. seriously, I sound like a commercial but its putting some excitement back into my WL plan. 

Anyway... hang in there everyone.. we are past the W, on the T and tomorrow is the "F"...


  1. I am so glad you are seeing success with the WW ap. =) Whatever works! I LOVE having aps available on my phone. I find I actually USE them when they are with me like that.

  2. I'm like you. I get about 200-300 emails a day and people just don't believe me. It s the kind of thing that wears you down because you never get down time. People also don't always understand when you turn it off - it IS hell to pay when you turn it all back on. Its like going on vacation. Coming back is so difficult b/c the problems and issues don't go away, they accumulate! I SO can relate, that's all. I think that's why in my next job, I was a low profile, simple job. :)
    I've never used WW online or the app. I"m using livestrong's daily plate and lose it. But the bottom line is simply tracking it somewhere - and paying attention to what we're eating. That tracking really appeals to me and keeps me personally accountable.
    Its the same with exercise. I get addicted to tracking my runs on nikeplus and dailymile. It motivates me to go on a run just so I can get 'credit' for it and see it there on the site! I don't feel that way about tracking food - tracking the exercise is much more fun. :)
    Great work on the 3lbs! That's FANTASTIC work!! Keep it going