17 July 2012

I am IN LOVE!!!

With the new Weight Watchers On line program...

Truth be told .. I have about 20 more pounds I would like to lose.
I mean, it would be great to knock them off.. but I have no venue, event or over riding urgency to do so other than to get it done.

The band has served me well.. and like so many.. it has been a life changer..
but I am not in the NORMAL weight range as of yet.. and getting there is one of my health goals.

I have met up with so many people who have connected with the WW online program.

CAN I TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS APP ( and actually there are several apps).

The general points tracker makes it SO easy to keep track of what I am eating
The bar code scanner tells you exactly how many points what you are thinking about it going to cost you and then there is the kitchen app filled with quick easy recipes and even snack combinations. and the best part fruits and veggies are 0 points.  I am loving bing cherries right now.. woo hoo

Any way, just thought I would share that bit of new.

Work has got me SLAMMED.. I now live for the weekend... and to rest my brain...
Its been to hot to ride the Harley..
I think I need to schedule some FUN in my life.

But if you get a chance.. check out the WW app.. very cool..



  1. I used to use WW online and really loved it. Problem was it didn't take the chocolate out of my hand! Good luck.

  2. You are such a tease!! I thought you were reporting that you'd fallen in LOVE! I rushed right over!! (Glad you're liking the WW app though!) :)