10 July 2012

The Burp....

I have been thinking about writing on this topic for a few weeks now.
I am having a love/hate relationship with The Burp!!

Let me explain...

Since the offspring have flown the nest, and its just me.. I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want and well not so much how much I want.

That is where the burp comes into my life.

At 2.5 years out with the band, I still suffer from "My eyes are bigger than my stomach" syndrome.

Very little deters me from wanting to pile my plate up or order way more food than I know (and realize) I could consume. 

I know there will be consequences
I know there will be discomfort and pain
I know there will be regrets
I know there could be multiple runs to the rest room to seek relief and suffer embarrassment.

But does any of that stop me??


And so I so heavily rely on The Burp to signal me when I am crossing the line..
I may still chose to cross that line knowing the above will occur .
But I also may chose to act responsibly and let those first few burps be the RED LIGHT to stop eating.

I also think I can outsmart my band and the burp.

My thinking is that by having multiple burps.. I am actually moving the food traffic along the esophagus.. thereby allowing me to eat more (Que the eyes are bigger than the stomach syndrome)

But does this theory work in reality??


I often fail.. UNLESS.. and here is the sad part, unless I have had a glass or two of wine.
It so relaxes that band.. every time.

So, the reality is that if I am going to go out and plunk down $60 for a meal, I damn right should have a glass or two of pinot.. otherwise (see above).

So, let's raise a glass and toast the beauty of The Burp.. for without it.. I would never really know when to stop eating!

Be well


  1. I just saw Sharon Osbourne on Kathy (show on Bravo) and she said she always drinks a glass of wine to relax her band. I can totally relate to you on the whole burp thing...I do the exact same thing and say all those things in my head too!

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