01 November 2012

Small view of the BIG world

Yesterday I went to work for some very selfish reasons.
1.  There was electricity
2.  There was heat
3.  There was an opportunity to shower

There was the Internet. Alive and flowing freely

What I did not know was that there were two other states that had suffered far greater damage than downed wires and trees.

Yes we survived and we are not getting the normal 24 hrs and being back to normal BUT the people affected will never know normal again

In my small world I had no idea what was going on else where.

My heart goes out to all


  1. My thoughts and prayers for you and for all affected. I can't imagine.


  2. Congrats on your banding anniversary... and yes: my heart also goes out to all affected. Where I am at, there is quite a bit of storm damage, gas rationing and ongoing power outages-- but I feel so fortunate that my house got power back on the first day post storm... we've had a parade of houseguests, the least we could do.

  3. Hey selfish a girl needs these things. I'm sure the damages is awful hope you are comfy and home by this date