11 November 2012

Call the tow truck!!!!

My train fell off the tracks.

Seriously, out of no where I have realized a creep up of a pound here and a pound there

And now those here and there's have entered a total of just over 10 pounds

It sucks and I am disappointed that the alarm has not gone off sooner in my head.

I need to get back on track and get the WL train moving again.

I have rationalized in my head that my new job responsibilities, my dining out, my relationship  are all to blame.

The reality is that the hand connected to the arm with guidance from the brain are to blame and I need to set that  straight.

No amount of "poor me" thinking will fix the path and rate of destruction to the goal I have set for myself.

Yes, consider this a "come to Jesus" talk to myself.  But I have got to start to put my eating patterns and exercise on the right path.

Ok there, conscious cleared.

Now I need to get down to work.

Have a great Sunday and successful week.


  1. I'm up five since the wedding. We'll do it together as always. Winter sucks though. I think it's the wine. But what's life without wine. Only weekends now for me!

  2. 10 must be the magic number. I weighed myself over the weekend and I'm 10 lbs up from my lowest. I'm getting a bunch of fruits and veggies from Sprouts today to jump back into healthy eating. Good luck to us both!

  3. I'm with you and Sandy-- we don't need to accept any weight gain.
    Let's lose it together.
    No blame, no shame- just better choices-- and a fill (if needed)!