30 January 2013

5- hour Energy

Thank you for your suggestions on the leg cramps (LC).. I am giving all a chance, even the guacamole which I now love!!!

So, as the saga continues.. the LC's visited me last night which meant I did not get a good nights sleep..

So that bring my next empirical question...

Has anyone ever tried this 5-hour Energy drink..

You know that little bottle with the fire red top that promises hours of energy with no crash.

I happened to pick up the berry flavor and have it on hand, but have never tried it.

I figure it is just a jolt of caffeine but I cant read the damn ingredients because it is meant for someone whose vision is not impaired by their age (meaning not meant for people over 50)!!

I just need something to get me through the after noon.. but doesn't have me so wired I start to speak in tongues!!

So.. if you are reading this, and have tried it.. can you tell me if you think its a good product or not.

The lable has a sketch of a guy running up a mountain.. I dont want to be that guy, just to stay awake enough to go shopping after work!!

be well.


  1. All I know is that there are very few calories in those things. I've tried it - and didn't notice much - other than a migraine BUT other people swear by them. Just don't drink it too close to bedtime cuz then you won't sleep again.

  2. I tried them but only drank a half bottle at a time. It worked and got me through the afternoon.

  3. Hi Sweetie,
    First of all....I suffer with Restless Leg Syndrome and leg cramps. I bought some OTC thing for leg cramps and I try to make sure that I get enough iron and potassium (if not through food then through supplements) in my diet and that seems to keep things at bay for the most part. They are really lousy...aren't they?
    As for the 5 Hour Energy things---I am an energy supplement junkie...I love a good jolt and I am always on the hunt for the perfect one. The 5 hour energy shots are OKAY and do the trick most times but I'm not crazy about the taste of them. I just got turned on to something that I like a bit better because there's no drinking involved--http://www.sheetsbrand.com/. It took awhile to locate them (I didn't want to order online the first time) but a Walgreens near my office carried them (their website lists chains where they can be bought OTC).
    Starbucks used to have the best thing called an "Energy Shot"...it was a powder you could have put into your drinks. I was in love with them. When they discontinued them, I could never find a replacement....I am still on that hunt! The only thing I miss about taking Phentermine is the rush it gave me!
    If you find something great...let me know!

  4. I've tried the 5 hour energy when I was tired and going out with friends, it worked, but I only did it a couple of times. It tasted horrible though!

  5. I don't think we have that one, but I'm with tessie - the taste is not worth the buzz usually!