29 January 2013

Leg Cramps

What is it with these leg cramps??

I have been downing potassium and quinine water like a fish but still at some point in the middle of the night I find my self hopping around the floor like I am doing the hot foot dance

Some of these cramps feel like a knife going through my calf.
And it's not just my calf, it could be my thigh, foot  you name the area on my leg.
It all cramps up!!!

I am about to start to google web MD to see what's causing it.
However, that website almost always paints a picture of gloom  and doom!!!!

And then that keeps me up till I can see a doctor.
At which point I tell him what I have
And then he asks me if he can take a shot at dx me!!

Yeah sometimes I am a nut case about this.

So  I am wondering if I some how force a banana split done my belly (medicinal purposes of course) if that would help!!!

Be well


  1. Gatorade works....... It's all part of the change!


  2. It could be a lack of magnesium....I also use body shop peppermint foot gel or spray to help ease the pain.....I hate them especially the foot ones (or toes ones that I get sometimes!)

  3. Try magnesium and calcium. When I get leg cramps like that, I take my magnesium pills, eat my calcium chews, and load up on guacamole (avocado has tons of potassium and a dose of healthy fat without all the sugar in bananas...not to mention that I hate bananas!).

  4. Wow Barbara...we share the same issues at the same times! I'm taking potassium now twice a day so my body can absorb it. Please please share what you find works!