25 January 2013

Simply reMARKable.....

My blog is filled with many emotions.
But no one emotion has transcend greater than the love and loss of my husband.
It's still difficult to speak of, but very therapeutic to describe in my writing.
The blog world is a remarkable community, as I have shared, you have comforted me.
But today, I want to take this space on my blog page to recall, remember, and reunite you with a man that gave me unconditional love, and the best marriage anyone could ever dream of in their life.
Tomorrow it will be 2 years. 
Two years of missing Mark.
Two years of absence.
Two years that I saw his eyes close for the last time.
My daughters and I thought of him as reMARKable.
And that he was!
He always put his family first, no matter what faced him in life.
Two years have passed.
I look back on the years we had together, and thank God.
He gave me a perspective on love that I hold deeply in my heart.
I miss you Mark, forever and ever.
Until we meet again.. sleep peacefully my love.



  1. So sorry for your loss still, but so happy for the love you two had!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Mark! You truly had something that most people only dream about. Now you have those memories to carry you.

  3. While I can't imagine the pain you are feeling now, I am so happy you experienced the love with such a wonderful man. {hugs}

  4. I don't know what to say. You and your daughters are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. My heart is with you and your family...

  6. My heart goes out to you.

  7. Barbara...because of you I miss him too!