24 January 2013

That Quiet Place

Do you have one?

You know that place.
The place where you can go and its just you.
It may be in your house, or at a park or even some say they are able to trance themselves in the busiest of places and find themseleves alone,  like in a shopping mall.

It sounds like a very simple thing to be able to have... but in fact, I think its hard to find one.

But,  I am struggling with finding one.

I think we all need that Quiet Place.

To clear your mind, and turn down the noise.

To not worry about things, or tasks or others.

Just a place you can go... and let go.


  1. Wow...you're reading my mind. I've been saying this in my head since before Christmas. I agree that it's not easy to find. Maybe it finds us.

  2. Do you think that it is just one place? I think because you are looking for that (Quiet Place) you will find it!


  3. I don't think I do, but I need one. I know this a tough week for you. I'm thinking of you.
    Love - Linda