20 January 2013

When will I learn?

I have been banded for 39 months
I have lost and kept off  all of my weight going from a size 22 to a size 10

I know what I should eat and what I should not eat.
Knowing is one thing.
Acting on the knowledge is another thing

I still tempt myself with things I know won't sit well
And I fully know the consequences.   But does that stop me?
NO.  No it doesn't.

I just wonder when it will all finally click and stick

Raw vegetables are a no.  But let me stroll by a veggie tray and I grab a baby carrot

Italian bread or any bread for that matter.  Is totally a no no.
But bring a warm basket of rolls and I think I can surgically incise the roll and pull the soft warm fluffy center and munch away.  Umm.  No. That doesnt work. I might as well just eat raw dough

Ok. Now let's move on to pickles. Love relish. But keep those large deli pickles away.

So maybe one day I will make the connection.

There are just some foods that need to go

A small price to pay to stay in a size 10!

I love my band :)

Be well


  1. I am the same way. I miss the bread, the sandwiches and I love veggie plates too. I miss vegetables. The ones i loved now I cannot eat. thankfully I cant eat bread now because that helped me get to almost 300 pounds. But I miss it too. But I love a healthier thinner body more :P

  2. Oh I am hearing you! And how many times do we do it? Just shows that mentally, our bodies were never ready to give up those foods, luckily our bands have better will power than us!