06 February 2013

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. a star is born!

Well what better news to hear today than our sweet Sandy is a grandmom.

To a beautiful baby girl... (pictures are on facebook).  She is smitten and so are all of her BOOB friends.  Congrats grandmom.. enjoy that bundle of love!!!

Thank you for all of your comments over my last few posts.
umm the leg cramps are subsiding, I ate avocados, drank gatoraid, and more water, took potassium, bannanas.. the whole shmageggie!!.. and the cramps have dimished.. not gone.. but I am not waking up and hoping around the room screaming "oh Sh*t"!!!!!!!!!!!! 
So that is a good thing.

AND... I am starting to crap my pants in anticipation of my little lipo adventure.
I was good with it all until I started to watch you tube videos.

What a fright fest those videos are..

And Draz, you are right I am glad they are going to KNOCK ME OUT!!

Despite having the jitters, I am still glad I am having it done.
As you know, when you have general anesthesia there is always that little paper they make you sign that reads like this:  "If we kill you during the procedurs oops!  my bad"

The other thing I am dealing with is full disclosure about what I am doing.

Without wanting to fully disclose to my work colleagues the fact that I am having this procedure done, they view it as a "vacation day" and couldnt I take a call (teleconference) in the afternoon.

Here is the convo...

Them -  The call will be brief, we just want to get your viewpoint on something.
Me -       No , I am sorry, I will be unavailable.
Them -   Well we can make the time work with your availability
Me-         Sorry, I think I will be disposed most of the day.
Them -    Well how about first thing in the morning
ME          No, I will be getting started early, won't work.

WHAT THE FRICK!!!   Here is what I wanted to say.

I AM NOT GOING TO BE AWAKE AT 7 am , 8 am or even 10 am.. I am going to be sedated, having the fat sucked out of my fat hips!! OK, my fat hips are going to be sucked thin.. ya got it

So, now that I am a bit calmer, the count down to the fat suck off is underway.
I am totally psyched and totally freaked out..

I just hope I look as good as those before and after photos!!

Be well


  1. Do they know about your tummy tuck? If they do - then just tell them you're getting a revision now that all your swelling is gone. I had revisions every couple months if the surgeon didn't like something - which is how I ended up with lipo AWAKE. My Sweet Jesus though - I got up from that table and my stomach was almost concave. Holy shit that stuff works - unless you gain back 20 lbs but who does that? Um shit. Me. You'll do fine. I don't think I even bruised. It's painful when you're awake - like I wanted to shank her in the tit but I bet you'll just be sore when you wake up but not massive pain. Good luck honey child. Make sure you take before pics for your own curiousity!

  2. Wow! I missed this! Good luck with the procedure and thx for all the support about my dad. I know you know the road unfortunately too well... cheers on an easy procedure and fabulousness afterwards!!!