07 February 2013


So a snowy Nor'easter is heading this way, just in time to cause panic  and screw up weekend plans.

We are not "supposed" to get as much as the New England area, but you know how accurate those weather people are!!

It really doesn't take much to get everyone here in a tizzy when it starts to snow.
I mean people run out and buy milk, bread and eggs.. just in case they need to make french toast in the middle of the snow storm.

I, on the other hand, have hair, mani/pedi, waxing and facial plans... and I will be damned if snow flakes are going to disrupt those plans.

I want to look good when they knock me out next week.   You never know when they are going to take pictures for medical journals and damn, I do not want to look out of sorts.   Am I vain??..

I just think there is something creepy about people seeing you naked, touching you when you are not awake and "with it".  Yeah I know they are professionals.. but.. If one person in that OR calls me fat and I hear it subconsciously, I swear my eyes will pop open and I will scare the crap out of them.

Now where was I....

Yes, the snow storm.
I hate getting all dressed in layers and having to actually go out in the snow (and I am not talking about shoveling) I am just referring to being out in the cold.  But my plans (as noted above) are not going to get derailed.  It also totally screws up the pedi and I am not going to get hat head after getting my hair done! 

So now  you know why I am out of sorts with this particular snow storm and on this particular weekend. 

Its messing with my PLANS!!!


  1. It was 40 degrees here today! Snow sounds like heaven to me : )

  2. Barb - thanks so much for saying hello on my blog yesterday. :) And I spent some time catching up on your blog. I'm just happy for you and flat out inspired by how great you look! It makes me want to do all that I am capable of to continue to work on my goals. Thinking I could look as good as you is motivating. I've already saved enough to pay for a tummy tuck as part of my savings plan. I just need to get down about 30 more lbs to do that. I'm focused on these 10 I've gained first. I know I can do it with the right focus and the hard work that I already know is required.
    I cannot wait to hear and see pics about your experience with lipo. I definitely want to do that also. Getting these pounds off and getting more fit is my motivation to get it done. I would want my inner/upper thighs done for sure, but when I lose perhaps what I really need done will become evident.
    BTW - that picture above is hilarious!