12 February 2013

HOLY MACARONI !!!!!!!!!!!!

In two days, the excitement begins!!!

I have the hair, mani/pedi all in place.  The easy on/off outfit selected. Scripts and comfort foods lined up.  Just waiting for the date to arrive.

This is about the time when the butterflies start to kick in my stomach, and the result is that the band reacts!

My primary goal over the next two days will be to get PLENTY of fluids into me, and basically stick to a fairly liquid diet.

Because I am becoming a tiny bit anxious, my band snaps shut like an alligator ready to take on its prey (dramatic I know, but that's what it feels like).
So...not to torture myself, I know the right thing to do is to stick to a diet of protein shakes, yogurt, tea..and lots of water.

I want to make sure I am very well hydrated before each of the procedures.
Phase I will be in the doctors OR suite (for some cosmetic touch ups) and Phase II is in the hospital (for the 3 area lipo).

I am very anxious to see how the results will look from the lipo.  I am hoping for a smoother hip line and not these little mogul bumps from my hips to my thigh.. if I can get that result I will be happy.

I don't think any amount of exercise would smooth these areas out, so that is why I am resorting to lipo. 

I think the worst part will be the weeks to come afterwards.  I will have to wear this compression garment that will go down to my knees.  The worst part is when you have to pee (no further explanation needed, just know that it is a pain to navigate, you pick your moments).

So, now I just anticipate, as I continue to check out the different before and after photos, I hope that I achieve similar results.  I have a great surgeon, who I trust (and who I have probably paid for a vacation or two from the number of services rendered).

I will keep you updated .. fingers crossed!

Be well...............


  1. Eeek - the dreaded compression garment...but that sucker works though! You're going to do great!

  2. Last time you wore that "garment" in summer. So at least it I'd sooner. How about cutting out that crotch for easy access. Thinking about you.

  3. You should take pictures in a dress or outfit before and then keep wearing that same outfit for after pictures. That way we can really see how it helps in wearing clothes as well as out of clothes. I can't wait to see your results because I am going to do something similar.
    Speaking of PS, are you happy with your scars from your TT? That is honestly what I am fearing the most. I am also thinking about a breast lift - I already have big boobs, I just want them to perk up after I lose all that I want to.
    Good luck! You sound well prepared - and I never thought about the hydration issue until you mentioned it. Really smart thinking!
    I'll send you some good karma in 2 days! But I don't think you'll need it! You're going to do GREAT! I'm so very excited for you!!

  4. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers! Cutting the crotch out is a great idea.... Can't wait to see pictures....I have the worst looking legs from my knees to my hips....so I only wear skirts (period) They hide a multitude if sins!


  5. Love the alligator analogy! So true! Good luck! I'm envious!!