15 February 2013

Would I????

I am home
Cozy, tucked in bed with a soothing cup of blackberry tea
As comfortable as possibly could be ( given current dressing)

Here is the run down

Arrived at hospital at 6:30 am
Brought to pre-op at 6:45
All the pre-op stuff done by 7:15
Awake and rolling into the OR at 8 am
Knocked out by 8:15am
In recovery and a "hello" at 2:15 pm
Followed by a sweet text from my daughter :)

So let's see the pain level was literally zip,zero,nada
Pumped my soft tissue with lidocaine plus IV pain med.
Tomorrow will be the day of realization
The surgery lasted 3 hrs.  I am guess the prep work and fine tuning is included in that timeframe.

I have a very nice compression garment to wear for 3 weeks. It has nice foam inserts. This one is much nicer than my TT garment.
Oh and Sandy it is so crotchless you could drive a small car through. Which is a relief!!!
Now for the yucky part
I am super bloated and am super leaking at incision points. The liquid was literally pouring out of me
In short, it's gross.
I have maxi pads shoved down my garment and they are not doing the trick.
I have dog pee pads and towels all over the bed

Ok so it is not a picnic.

But do you know what. I am thrilled!!!!!!
When the doc came up after surgery he told K she is going to be very pleased.
When he came to see me he said wait till the swelling goes down but I think you will be  happy.
And here is the big mystery:
I have only had liquids
Doc says he took out around 6 lbs of fat
I weighed my self. I am up 10 lbs
Hmmm. Tell me it's all fluids.

I can not wait.  I did take a peek at my belly.  Um. What belly!!!  Even with the swelling  it's pretty flat.

Wool hoo.

Doc called me around 6 to see how I was feeling.

They must be some strong drugs cause I am feeling nothing. K made a great dinner I ate and am in bed ready to watch my Flyers kick some a$$

So who knows what tomorrow will bring. But I am ready. Bring it on!!!

And would I do it again.  You bet I would!!!

Be well


  1. Great news!!! Feel better soon and I am so happy for you! Sounds like it's all worth it!!

  2. So happy you are okay! I was thinking of you all day! After my TT I had liquid gushing out of me too - so weird.