21 February 2013

Approaching 1 week down

I have some interesting observations on this go round.

Today is my second full day back to work (and understand I do a 9/10 hr day) which is mostly constrained to teleconferences (one right after the other) quite boring but I have global responsibilities and I sit on my a$$ all day long on the phone. .ITs what I do, and what they pay me for..

BUT.. having stated such, it was far different from the prior days of recouperating from my PS.
I was able to walk around, stretch, go up and down steps (in short) be mobile.

Not the same at work.. when I got home last night I WAS EXHAUSTED!!!  exhausted by sitting on my keester all day long (go figure).

I am still sore, and this has taken me back a bit because I would think by the 1 week mark, I would be dancing the jig (my TT didnt affected me this way).

I hate to take off my compression garment, its like a security blanket.
It hurts to lay in bed, and I refuse to take any pain meds.. I am taking tylenol though and that seems to help a bit.

I still have a bit of facial brusing, and it takes quite a bit of pancake makeup to cover up.. it show through slightly but when the stuff comes off.. YIKES.. I jump back.

Healing is always the worst part, but I really thought this would be a cake walk, and as I have been reminded, I CHOSE to do this. Translation... stop whining. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. and if that wasn't enough here is some more  WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

The other interesting phenom is that my band continues to be tight, I mean to the point that I am solely on liquids.  I am thinking I may need to do the band post op thing and start off with mushies.  I thought I could eat chili last night and that was a no go.   I did have a healthy choice fudge pop and that went down fine. So I am doing the WL shakes for now, they fill you for a short period, but really don't satisfy and give you a feeling of contentment.

It's interesting to me that at 3 years out, I would still be in the position of trying to figure out how my band will respond to certain conditions.  Perhaps a life long learning curve!

One last thought.. thank you for all of your comments and support. I miss you guys. I hope there is another BOOB rally, I would really like to see you all again!!!


  1. Barbara....even though you sit while doing your job....what a brain strain!!!!

    I would think that the swelling from your surgery would affect the LB also. Do try to keep your strength up! If I were there I'd be making you awesome soup ;-)

    I agree ...I miss my BOOB's!!


  2. I hope you heal quickly! I'm 3 years out and still haven't figured out how my band will act from one day to the next. Go figure!! And, thanks for the pep talk this morning. I'm feeling better :)

  3. It's only going to get better from here! I promise!