19 February 2013

Doc Visit

So this morning was sutures out day!
Ouch.. but no real biggie
I mean I was striped down naked in front of this doctor that has seen everything on me.
After all this was not my first PS rodeo

He broke the news to me after suture removal.
No exercising for 1 week.

Oh BOO HOO.. YIPEEE I O.. woot woot.

I wish he said 3 weeks.

Seriously, this guy is the bomb.. he won the Best of Philly PS last year.
I love going to see him and his office peeps! Whether I need something or not!!

Things are moving along, I needed the extra day at home though.
I feel much better, it was a bit rougher than I anticipated, but its all good from here on out.

I can't wait to show pics, I need a few weeks, still quite a bit of swelling,
I love the compression garment.

I just did a count of my current jean stash, I have 29 pairs of jeans.
What a horder I am.
Something has to give, this weekend I am going to do some serious jean weeding.

anyway.. that's it for now.. you are probably sick of reading about my adventures.
But.. its my blog!!!


  1. Love reading your blog! I have a doctor ( friend) I love to visit also! Sounds like everything went really well. Can't wait to see the pic's...just think how your clothes are going to fit now! Oh baby ;-)


  2. Congrats lady !! I cannot wait to see pictures.

  3. That's great! You must be feeling awesome!

  4. I want at least 20 of those pairs of jeans. LOL

  5. Glad you're feeling better! I can't wait to see pics!

  6. So looking forward to seeing your pics. And I'm so happy that it has gone so well for you. I can't even imagine what it would be like to see a flat stomach! awesome for you!!