18 February 2013

Ahhhh Monday!!

So it's Presidents Day
Umm typically I would be hitting the sales
But not today
It is cold here in PA, with wind gusts and chill factors
Please spring, be just around the corner!!
I am already sick of winter coats and gloves and boots
Have been checking out some sleek sandals :)

Chico's is also calling my name.  Those commercials catch my attention every time!!

In other news... ( can you tell I am totally bored)
All I can share is this .... Happy Dance and the scale is down a full 10 lbs
That's it, that's all I am going to say !

I do have an incredible desire to eat fish n chips. Don't ask why,  I just do

I am feeling pretty good and tomorrow will be my first post op visit.
I am glad about the timing of my procedures. It kind of takes up the lull of the winter when there just isn't much going on anyway.

So stay warm my friends.  Spring is just around the corner!!!

Be well

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