17 February 2013

I hate to be so blunt but....

The worst part of this journey has been the constipation from the pain meds.

I have ducolaxed and miralaxed myself to OZ and back so please no advice there !!!

It's just a matter of waiting.  I have totally backed off of the pain meds cause its just not worth it.
Having said as much, today was shower day and can I tell you something!!!
It was my first reveal!!!

Holy crap. My doc is wonderful !!

I mean I stared at myself for at least 20 minutes.

Despite the spotty swelling it looks amazing.
He really worked the back of my thighs and hips .
I slipped a pair of jeans on after my shower and good Lord what a difference
I am a very happy girl.
Now if I can only meet that bear in the woods!!

Be well


  1. You know OZ is a bloody long way and back... Hope you get some movement soon :) x

  2. I read on another friend's blog that she was so backed up after weighloss surgery that she had to manually evacuate!! Ewk! Let's hope that you have more luck xoxo