21 March 2013

Getting Ready for FLA!!!

Ok so the tanning experience was excellent

I was brave and went full commando

Who wants fake tan lines!!!
So here I am all a glow.. the tan looks so much better in person.

I also wanted you to get a shot at how good my LIPO turned out on my hips and butt.

Not too shabby for a gal pushing 60!!

So there you have it!

I am all packed and ready to hit the sunshine state!!


  1. You're a hot tomale! Have fun!

  2. You look fab-u-lasss!! Congrats on all of your hard work to get there, and enjoy FLA!

  3. You look wonderful! Have fun in FLA!!

  4. Super sexy! I only dream of looking half as good as you someday!

  5. Wow Barbara! You look absolutely fabulous. You're a great inspiration to all!