20 March 2013

It's Coming.. honestly


Tonight is the spray tan outing.. not until 6:30... and then .. .I will start to pack, because tomorrow I leave for FLA to see the PHILLIE'S..

Yes, I can not wait.
I AM SICK OF WINTER, SNOW and ICE and my damn winter coat.

I got the mani/pedi last night.. didn't get home till 8:30 (cause work is sucking the energy out of me).

BUT.. I totally have my sights set on warmer weather and lighter clothes.

This morning I did the tanning pre-ritual.. shaving, exfoliating, blah blah blah..
I want that spray tan to go on like lacquer on a slick shaped finger nail.


So, I promise to take pics and post them ...

In other news.. I am still flying high on my "grand baby mama" anticipation.

Mother to be is having lots of movement in her belly and has felt a foot or two kicking out.. I guess that is evidence that we have a soccer star in the making!!

There is just something about knowing a new baby is coming that puts a big smile on your face.

I know Sandy knows all about this... as I saw her beaming with pride even BEFORE her grand daughter was born.

That's about all I can squeeze  out in my two-minute escape from the workplace!!


  1. I'm so excited for you! Gah - we got MORE snow this week and it's the first day of Spring. WTFever!!!

  2. Grandbabies are awesome!

    Enjoy the glow....there is nothing like warm weather to make you feel all calm inside!


  3. I here ya about needing ( not just wanting) some warmth! We're getting another couple of inches of snow tomorrow to add to the three feet already on the ground. Dreams of Florida. Hope you have an amazing time.

  4. So is this spring training? If so, have fun. We love going to spring break for the Braves! lol


  5. Have a great time Barbara!