01 April 2013

Monday, Monday

Yes.. my friends .

It was Monday.

A reminder that it's back to the real world.

The weekend was just fine,  a bit quiet.

I went to cemetery to "springafy" Mark's grave, spruce it up, get it ready for warmer weather (and more visitors).

I just love daffodils.
So I planted bunches, and kept some for myself so that when I look at them, I can think of the beauty at the "plot".

Saturday night was so quiet.. just stayed home, made a batch of corn chowder soup (with cream).  I know, I know.. I could have made something a bit more low cal.. but WHATEVER!!

Sunday was slow to start, and went out for a light lunch and then off to my parents for a very nice dinner.. had lots of good laughs.. got to love my parents (married for 58+ years) perspective on life, love and marriage... they should write a book!

On a more somber note... big hugs out to Vanessa (Dinnerland)
She lost her father this weekend.
My heart goes out to her and her entire family.
It's hard
so hard.

But he was surrounded by his loving family and that's what is important.
Love and family.
The only thing important in life.

Be well.

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