02 April 2013


When I woke up this morning, I had a completely different blog topic in mind...
That was until, I started to wash my hair.

Now, for many years, I have had short hair.
Last year (it was December, so I guess that is still considered last year), I decided 2013 would be the year I was going to let my hair grow in or out..

I really have always wanted to pull it back in the summer, but have never ever had the patience to go through the grow out stage and the dreaded "my hair looks like crap" stage. 
So, I always reverted to chopping it off and going short again.

Well, I have toughed it out, and by no means am I  Rapunzel, but today was the first day I could actually pull it back, with the aid of a few hair pins.

AND it  feels good to have it off my face and OUT OF THE WAY.

To give you an idea of how desperate I was to have it look some what decent, I actually bought a fake hair bun. 
The first time or two I wore it, it wasn't bad.

But this "THING" then started to take on a life of its own, and before you knew it, it looked like I had a toy poodle pinned to the back of my head, so off it went.  
And then I was back in hair misery.

Now, you may think, what the hell is she complaining about.  There are people who have far greater issues in life than hair.   And believe me I know that.

But today, in my own little whimsical world, hair is my problem.

Please no pity.. .I just want to keep you informed!!!


  1. Hair is a huge deal....I'm always trying to make mine better or thicker or longer or whatever! I feel your pain!

  2. I haven't had my hair cut since early October. My hairdresser went on maternity leave, the sod. So my hair is flying everywhere and I too can pull it back ever so slightly. Broke down and bought some head bands to hold it back so I can wash my Face. In a few short weeks it is going short as I know the hot weather will make it so frizzy I'll die. So for a few minutes, I too am having a hair crisis. Plus we're off to Arizona, Vegas and Monterey the last two weeks of May. No way do I want to spend any precious time on my hair--got a baby to help take care of. We're going to teach her nickle slots!

  3. Hair is HUGE!! It's kinda my ACE in the hole!