04 April 2013

Reality.. what's yours

So... North Korea is pointing missiles at the US.
Shouldn't I be freaking out about this?

But no, I am not.

Fifty years ago, that would have driven the nation crazy..  Just like the Cuban missile crisis.
All eyes were on the news.
Yet, my biggest concern yesterday was whether to watch the Phillies or the Flyers game.

That's sad.

I don't know if I have become so disconnected with world issues or I just don't give a damn.

Today, in between calls, I decided I should do an Internet check to see if I should get more concerned about missiles landing in my backyard, but it looks like the government is all over this..

It's sort of annoying too. 
I really just want to focus on what I want to focus.
I don't need anything else to keep me up at night.

Seriously at one point I thought about writing a letter to this new little snot running North Korea.
First, get a decent haircut.
Second, you are not all that.
The only reason you are head of the country is because of your father, so get off of your damn throne.
Third, don't even think about shooting your little rinky dink missiles. 
The US will be all over you, and that is going to not only mess up your hair but your pretty little uniform.

See, practical reasoning..

now let me check my schedule to see what time first pitch is tonight!!

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