14 April 2013

Etc, etc, etc.....

My life is crazy right now
I have so much going on I wake up in the morning with a headache just trying to prioritize my day

I am traveling (work stuff) almost every week.
Basically living out of a suitcase.  Just changing out undergarments.
I am very fortunate to have a great job yet I feel like I am missing out on the day to day joys of life.

I have a grand baby on the way and am still tickled about the thought.
My daughter is growing a beautiful little boy in that tiny belly of hers.
Just 4  months or so and he will be here. It feels like the countdown to Christmas.

On Friday I am getting some significant landscaping and a hot tub installed.
Sandy turned me on to this concept.  She and her hubby Tim have an incredibly relaxing patio and yard. It was wonderful.  And I hope to return the R and R to them both soon!!!

My weight has been blah!!!  Too much travel and restaurant food.  I need to get my ass moving.

Judi from "stories on the road". Posted about the overnight diet.  It looks interesting. Sort of a modified south beach Atkins plan.

I get drawn to these new schemes way to early.

On other news. I joined a "spa club".  It will force me to get monthly facials or massages.  I really need this down time.  I almost have to schedule it in.
I never thought my life would get this packed.  But it is.

So there you have it.

My life.   Etc., etc., etc,.

Be well


  1. Yeah for the hottub! Just realized we were going to go in ours last night and 'forgot' before bed. You will love it. Baby mama will have to wait til after baby is born. Hope you get some down time soon. Funny how we have to schedule that in. Love you and miss you too. But will look forward to a dip in your new hottub.

  2. Um ahem...as a fellow Harley rider that means I can use your hot tub too, right? LOL I love you baby girl.

  3. We have a hottub and use it almost every night 3/4 of the year....nothing like going to bed feeling like a wet noodle. It takes away the tensions of the day....ENJOY! Take good care of yourself!


  4. I saw the hot tub on Facebook and you're going to love it. We have one connected to our pool and it was/is so relaxing and it is a great place to hang out with a glass of wine!