07 May 2013

Guess Who Else had LapBand Surgery

Yes Chris Christie is now amongst the banded community.
The article describes his surgery as "secret" and that he had it done in mid February.
There is no indication that Christie has lost any weight (which on a personal level as we all know the beggining of the journey has the best return on the investment for weight loss).

Here is wishing him good luck to a healther lifestyle!!

You Can Read About it Here


  1. Good for him....made me proud!....and yet I won't come out?


  2. I read somewhere he had lost about 40 pounds, which is good. He has a long way to go, but good for him. I am glad he "came out" and this educated the public that there is HELP AND A TOOL.

  3. Some of the comments I've seen about this were terrible....I wish people could just be ONLY supportive. I hope he does well.

  4. Great minds write alike blog postings! Yes, I also did a blog posting about this same thing. Good for him! We welcome him to our team!