14 May 2013

Sneaking in an UPDATE

I love to read blogs and I love to post to MY blog, but honestly I have been so crazy tied up with one thing or another these days.
I am actually sneaking in some time to post... I need a brain break from work!!!

So last week I did have some very relaxing down time in Sunny FLA!!
It was sooo nice, warm, OK it was hot some days, but it beats the heck out of the 40 degrees I returned to on Sunday evening.

I hope everyone has their tix for PowerBall, because who doesnt want to add $300+ mill to their savings account.. Good luck everyone, but ya'll know that some poor old person with 1 year to live will win.. it always seems to turn out that way!!!

Wow that sounded mean, but I am keeping it in my post!!

I am also becoming quite the hot tub soaker!!.. I am just in love with the whole concept.
i plan to post some pictures this weekend. 
I have learned to scamper quickly from tub to house.. its still quite brisk here in the northeast.

The other super great news is that my soon to be new grandson is growing very nicely  and my daughter is prepping to be the best mom ever!!! .. so exciting.. I just cant wait.

Nursery is all set, just waiting for the furniture to be delivered and happy baby on the way!!

OK.. gotta go.. on to my next assignments

Big hugs to all!!!

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