17 May 2013

Let's See.. hmmm

So, I have been doing a little inventorying ...

Not of things.. but of my surgical procedures..

So let's see

Wisdom teeth                    CHECK
Gallbladder surgery           CHECK
Lapband Surgery                CHECK
NeckLift                             CHECK
Eyelid Lift                          CHECK
Skin Filler/resurf                CHECK
TUmmy Tuck                     CHECK
BOOB Job                          CHECK
LIPO                                   CHECK

Hmm.. What else

I know.

How about if I go all out this week and have some cataracts removed!!

Of course they can only do 1 eye at a time.. but hey that gives me something to look forward to next month!!!

Next week at this time, I will be winking at you !!!

Have a good one!!!


  1. Hahaha - speedy recovery my love.

  2. Here's winking at you......good luck!


  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery and clear, clear vision B!