23 May 2013



I am so hoping my pst tomorrow is better news

But I have to say I am worried.

I had my cataract surgery today

The surgeon put in a very high quality IOL.  That's intraocular lens

Everything went fine

But my vision in my eye is blurry.

I know it's early. I know the eye has to heal.

But I googled.  And many say they could see clearly the same day

I am an over achiever. So my expectations are I should see clear too

But I am not seeing clearly.  And I am freaking.

I keep trying to calm myself and say tomorrow it will all be good.

But what if it isn't.

Did I mention I am freaking.

Worse yet I can't wear my glasses   It works with one eye but not the other.

I am typing this with one eye.

I see shadows and Halos and blur.

I want to cry but I am afraid this lens will float off my eye. (probably not possible but the mind wanders)

This has nothing to do with my surgeon. He is excellent.
I think it may have something to do with the type and size of the cataract.
Ugh. Plastic surgery was so much easier

Well I will see what happens tomorrow.


  1. Please don't stress over this. Stop reading the internet and rest if you can. Did your Dr. say to expect to see clearly right away? Probably not, everyone is different. My mom had both her eyes done last year and I don't remember her seeing super clearly right away. Xoxo

  2. OK...when it comes to our bodies...you can't be an "overachiever" about healing, silly woman! Rest that eye and stop obsessing and for god's sake, get off the internet. I'm sure everything will be fine. I hope you recover soon. :)

  3. Oh honey-- feel better. I think your vision will improve, I know it, I know it for you. Hugs...

  4. I agree with Linda, every time I read about a condition on the internet...my condition worsens. Hang in there, give it time. What did your Dr. say was a realistic time for clear vision?

  5. Good luck....try to hang in there. listen to some audio books to take your mind off of it??

  6. It will get better... don't stress because that could make it take longer. Stress affects so much with our health. I miss you Babs! XOXO

  7. Healing vibes coming your way from Jersey!