27 June 2013

Maybe I need a fill

I am really struggling about this one.

It has been close to 3 years since my last fill.
My weight is creeping up, pound by pound.

Three years ago I was dealing with significant emotional issues with Mark's health declining and then his ultimate passing.   Eating was the last thing on my mind and even the year that followed left me with little to no appetite.

But now, over the past year my eating has picked up (albeit not always the greatest food choices), I never felt that I was way overboard with crazy calorie intake, but still, the pounds are coming back.

I have tried a recent jump start to get my exercise back into my routine, nothing crazy (cause you all know I am an older chicka) but still enough that it has me breaking a sweat.

I don't know what I was expecting but blech!, I feel like I need to either go to a very careful meal plan or go for a fill.

I can't even remember what my current fill volume is at, its been so long.
But I know I need to do something.
It's summer and I don't feel very summer like.

I know I have to kick my exercise up, its the key.. but this ole body has to recover from anything too aggressive.. it totally sucks, but its what I have to face.

I am going to give it a week and see if I can instill a bit more discipline (diet and exercise), if I see no downward movement in the scale, I am going to pick up the  phone.. and make that call

be well.


  1. Get a fill and have your band checked out!! Take advantage of this tool :)

  2. what are you waiting for?? get a fill, it is just what you need. thats why you got the band in the first place. because you needed help curbing your appetite. get the help filled!!

  3. Well, I think maintenance is rough. Like you, I am struggling with pounds. We are at a point where we are pretty savvy about how to "eat around" our bands. I definitely do not eat anywhere nearly as much as I did when I was OBESE but it's enough to send me up one size...ugh! Like Elizabeth (above) said---we have to take advantage of this tool. For me....I don't think a fill will do it...I know I am at a good level. I just have to readjust my way of doing things.....if I can even do that! If not, I have to tell myself I can't be the Size 8 girl I was just 1 year ago! Geez!!!
    It's a journey that we are on together!

  4. Sometimes a talk with your doc is just the ticket to getting your head back in the game.

  5. In my opinion it sounds just like you need a fill. Take care of you and make that appt. :)

    And I know they say time heals but my heart goes out to you on your loss.


  6. I agree with all the feedback you see above. Get thee to your doc and have a chat. I'll bet it is time for an adjustment... think of it like that, instead of a 'fill'. That may change your mindset a bit.